Hi, I'm Nat! I'm a game designer and software developer. I make interactive visualizations to make complex math topics feel tactile and fun.


Homepage of The Labyrinth of Minos

The Labyrinth of Polyominoes

A shrine and database of polyominoes, documenting interesting properties such as symmetry, genealogy, packing, and tiling.

Homepage of the Polyhedra Viewer

Polyhedra Viewer

An interactive app that lets you view and transform various geometric solids, including Platonic solids, Archimedean solids, and Johnson solids.

The permutation group visualizer

Permutation Group Visualizer

A little app to visualize various permutation groups and lets you push buttons to permute them.

A gallery of colorful Pisano quilts

Pisano Quilts

Data exploration of various Pisano periods (Fibonacci numbers modulo n).

Components AI color picker

Components AI

I worked at Components AI and designed and/or implemented many of the generators on the site, including Color Scales, Syntax Highlighter, Gradient Editor, and SVG Grid Generator

In addition, I did architecture work and implemented a lot of the controls for CSS GUI, a library of composable inputs for manipulating CSS properties.

Cracking the Cryptic video of my Sudoku "Unique Japanese Sum Sudoku"


I have been constructing sudoku and other pencil puzzles since 2022. Four of my puzzles have been featured on the popular YouTube channel Cracking the Cryptic:

Unique Japanese Sum Sudoku, 2many arrows spoil the box, Post Office Panic!, Multiple Signs

A catalog of my puzzles can be found on Logic Masters Germany.

Basics of Nat Notation

Nat Notation

A calligraphic number system based on prime factorization. My artworks based on this system were exhibited at Bridges 2023.

Home menu of "Oru"


A puzzle game about origami animals I made in 2015, based on LEGO World Builder.

Code Doodles


In Defense of Handcrafted Sudoku

About variant sudoku and procedural generation.

Generative Design Systems with React

About my work at Components AI.

Is React Translated Yet?

How I got the documentation of React translated to more than a dozen languages.

Polyhedra, I Choose You!

About creating the Polyhedra Viewer.

Support Me

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Contact & Social Media

My email is tesseralis [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also find me on social media: