Hi, I'm Nat! This is my personal website.

Polyhedra Viewer

An interactive app that lets you view and transform various geometric solids, including Platonic solids, Archimedean solids, and Johnson solids.

Components AI

I worked at Components AI and designed and/or implemented many of the generators on the site, including:

In addition, I did architecture work and implemented a lot of the controls for CSS GUI, a library of composable inputs for manipulating CSS properties.

Permutation Group Visualizer

A little app to visualize various permutation groups and lets you push buttons to permute them.


In 2022, I started creating sudokus and other pencil puzzles. Three of my puzzles have been featured on Cracking the Cryptic:

A catalog of my puzzles can be found on my Logic Masters Germany user page.

Nat Notation

A calligraphic number system based on prime factorization.

Slime Simulator

For Global Game Jam 2023, I made a simulation based on the slime mold Physarum polycephalum. Feed the slime and watch it grow! Featuring music by Alex Friedland.

Code Doodles

Some fun little code doodles on Codepen and stuff.

Pokémon Dataviz

A collection of Observable notebooks showcasing my attempts to derive interesting facts about Pokémon derived from game data, including a filterable Table of Pokémon.


A puzzle game about origami animals I made in 2017, based on LEGO World Builder.


Pre-pandemic, I used to give talks at tech conferences about projects I've worked on:

Support Me

If you enjoy my work, please consider buying me a coffee on Ko-fi!

Social Media

You can find me primarily on Twitter at @tesseralis. My other social media accounts: